What We Offer

The approach to sharing yoga at Retreat to Dartmoor, whether in a weekly class, workshop or weekend retreat, uses at it’s heart, Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga.

Class content and format follows the AYP (Advanced Yoga Practises www.aypsite.org) approach and is suitable for all levels of yoga experience. Core practises of asana, pranayama and meditation are complimented by yoga ethics and philosophy as appropriate.

My specific, but very simple ethos is that we come onto our mat to come into our body and nourish ourselves. To find stillness, silence and ultimately to unveil what is real.

We Would be Delighted to Welcome You

Weekly Classes

A Hatha yoga class incorporating the 3 primary elements of yoga; asana (movement), pranayama (breath practises) and meditation (working towards quietness/stillness of the mind).


Half Day Workshops, Full Day Workshops, A Morning of Mindfulness and Day Retreats....

Weekend Retreats

Retreat, recharge and recalibrate over a full weekend retreat, full of nourishing practices which maximise the benefits of the beautiful Dartmoor landscapes.

Giving Back…

Nishtha is a social service NGO situated in a Northern Indian Himalayan village, working to improve health, education and the environment of local communities.  I was helped by founder “Dr Barbara” whilst in India and became completely inspired by the amazing work of the Nishtha Trust. I am so happy that 50% of all class fees and £10 from each retreat and workshop place is donated to Nishtha, please take a moment to look at their amazing work.

How To Book/Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you and welcome you to ‘Retreat to Dartmoor’. If you are interested in attending a weekly class, please just phone or email to chat about attending. If you’d like to book a workshop, day retreat or weekend retreat, please get in touch to find out more information, or use the book now button below.

By email: contact@retreattodartmoor.com

By phone: 07818 407060

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